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an early 19th century open robe

Yellow Robe
an early 19th century open robe

robe: draped by me,
based on Janet Arnold & my Bee Robe

silk taffeta, cotton (lining)

An open robe of many pleats.

Completed December 2013.



The Results:


May 2015
At my Card Party.
More photos from this event can be found here.


{photo courtesy

{photo courtesy of For the Joy }

{photo courtesy of For the Joy }


August 2014
At Costume College.
More photos from this event can be found here.

{photo courtesy of Megan}

{photo courtesy of Megan}

{photo courtesy of Sara



January 2014
At a private Twelth Night Party.
More photos from this event can be found here.

{photo courtesy of Gloria}

{photo courtesy of Taylor}


{photo courtesy of Gloria




December 9 2013

So I'm making a new over robe for Saturday (using the bee as my pattern) - I've decided to go all out and use a couple of heavily pleated robes as my inspiration... not sure I can get it done in time but I know I'll love it when I'm done!

Victoria and Albert Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Natalie Garbett


I'm using my old Bee Robe as a base for my pattern. I just need to adjust the sizeing a bit and the sleeves too. My orginial sleeves never did fit totally right.

December 10 2013

Oy. I just bled all over my silk taffeta. If blood on ones project is good luck does that mean my pain-in-the-butt pleats will sort themselves out now instead of fighting me all the way? *crossing fingers*

December 10 2013

I think the blood sacrifice worked, it's finally coming together. Now I just need to see if I can do the same on the other half. The disadvantage of making it up as you go along...

December 12 2013

Had an absolutely filthy migraine last night so I just went to bed at 7:30pm. Stupid arctic weather front. I'm not feeling so confident about getting my over robe finished for the party now. I was supposed to make loads of progress on it last night which clearly didn't happen. Sigh.

December 15 2013

The one good thing about yesterday's party being canceled (stupid weather!) is that it gives me time to work on my yellow open robe. Now that I'm past the fitting, draping and pleating stages, I'm throughly enjoying it. I love hand stitching pleats in silk taffeta like this. Really this project is like an en fourreau robe a la Anglaise on crack - I love it!

December 16 2013

Getting lots done while I wait for Bridgett to get home tonight! Whee!


January 1 2014

Been working on the robe here and there over the holidays, it just needs a hem on the sleeves and the bottom and it's ready to wear on Saturday. I decided not to push it and try to make a new dress to go underneath it but instead to spend time with my family and get started on my new Française. I'm very excited about that.

I'm becoming one of those hand sewing enthusiasts - will wonders never cease?! After a long day/week of the physical labor that is hairdressing all I want to do is sit and watch mindless TV. If I have a project I can just drape on my lap and stitch on I'll do it, anything more and I never get to it. SO unkowningly this has turned out to be the perfect project this month!

January 2 2014

I finished my robe last night - think of that completely finished 72 hours before an event. I'm feeling rather proud of myself about that - it's been a while since I managed such a feat with a new frock. I also got my bits and pieces for the Twelfth Night party ironed and ready to go, if not actually packed. Go me.



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