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I am a professionally licensed Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist based out of Fredericksburg Virginia. I specialize in Styling & Finishing - Updos, Blowouts & Make-Up Applications. While there are many stylists out there that love to cut & color hair, my joy is in the art and artistry of styling and finishing.

I love nothing more than combining my creativity + skills to make my clients look and feel amazing for a special event - from blow-outs to updos, date nights to weddings or anything in between!

I love hair & make up. No really, I LOVE what I do. I've always been a girly-girl who loved to browse style magazines and play with my own hair and make-up. It took me some time to realize that the beauty industry was the place I wanted to build a career but now that that I'm here I LOVE it and the opportunities it gives me to be a part of the lives of others.

I love the classic and the romantic, timeless looks and elegant styles. When it comes to makeup I love restrained glamour, believing strongly in the importance of enhancing a woman's beauty rather than trying to cover every "flaw" or simply following the trends. For me it's all about beauty - the beauty of being creative, the beauty of relationships, the beauty of helping women to celebrate their inner beauty, from the outside-in.

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{ History + Hair }

A huge passion for me is combining my love of history with my love for hair & cosmetics. I am a history nerd by inclination and an historical costumer by hobby. I delight in turning period research into recreations of the past as well as taking inspiration + techniques of the past and using them in modern styling.

If I had to pick my favorite period of history to recreate it would have to be the late 18th century but I also adore the retro/vintage/pin-up styles of the 1940s-1960s and have a special place in my heart for the fabulous hair styles of the Victorian era.

I am available for on-site styling for historic balls, conventions or history events as well as historical wig styling.

| Hair & Makeup Artistry |

I specializing in Hair & Make-up Artistry for Bridal, Special Events, Blowouts & Historical Events. Contact me for more details about my services.

Thursday evenings you can find me at The Drybar in Georgetown. At Drybar I do DB signature blow-outs and up-dos. Request me (Jenny-Rose White) through the Drybar app or contact me for more details.


{ Random Facts }

I am a self taught seamstress. Creating a finished garment from a flat piece of fabric is my happy place. I've been sharing my costuming adventures online for 18+ years and I have taught costuming related classes in Fredericksburg VA, and at conventions in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Examples of my work can be found in my online portfolio, Jennylafleur: Costumer

I am privileged to be a US Navy brat. I am proud of my family's service to this country and grateful for the opportunity to have lived in so many interesting places.

I am a Foodie. I love good food - extra points if the ingredients are grown locally and it's paired with a craft cocktail.

I'm a natural redhead. Perhaps not the exact shade I am currently, but the roots are totally red. I have the freckles to prove it.

I love the word Excellence. It sums up everything I want to be when I grow up.

Jesus Christ is my Rock, my Provider my Friend. Without Him my life is meaningless and without joy. I give Him all the praise for whatever talent or success you see here.

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