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| About This Site |

Welcome! This site is the result of my love of costuming and historical fashion. The generosity, resources, pictures, 'dress diaries', research and tutorials of online costumers has been invaluable to me over the years. Frankly I wouldn't be the costumer I am today without all this help, inspiration and encourgament! I thought it only fair to share my own projects, experiences and occasional moments of brilliance, humble though they are.

This site is in fact a polished archive of my costuming blogs (hosted on Live Journal & Blogger). I post to my blogs as things happen, updating this site every 8-12 weeks or as my schedule allows. Follow me on LJ or Blogger to see what I'm up to today!

This site was created by me, with the help of Dreamweaver (CSS+HTML). It can be best viewed using Google Chrome. Logo created by Rachel McDonald.


| The History of This Seamstress |

I have been sewing and creating costumes for over 16 years but I have been fascinated by historical fashion since I was a very little girl. I was fortunate enough to have a mom who created beautiful costumes for me, my sister, our friends and even our Barbie dolls. Even better my Mom was willing to teach me all she knew and continues to encourage me (even occasionally lend a helping hand) with my hobby. Yes I am very spoiled and I know it!

What do I think the secret to costuming is? Never be afraid to trying something new or to think outside the box. Question everything and remember that you never know what you can do until you try. Research your heart out but especially examine original garments (or scaled patterns of them) to learn the period pattern shapes that make up a garment so you can understand how and why they work the way they do. Then get over the fear and just play around. Mock-ups are your friend! It's a trial and error method to costuming but it's served me well. Most days anyway.

Also, for me it's more important to have a complete ensemble that "looks" correct than one in which every stitch and weave of cloth is as accurate as possible. I admire that style of costuming, but my budget, time and inclination doesn't allow forit and to be honestI don't enjoy it. So I happily use plastic boning in my corsets, fabrics of unknown content and machine stitching anywhere I can get away with it. The trick is to have nicely coifed hair, accessorize to the nines, and walk like a lady.


| The Other Side of the Coin |

In my non-costuming time I am a professional hair and make-up artist. You can see my portfoilo of styist work (inculding historic hair and wigs) on the other side of my website, Jennylafleur: Stylist. I also love to cook, plan events, travel, and spend time with my family. Want to know more? Here are some more random facts about me.

"Jenny-LaFleur" started as my nick-name in high school French class, now it's my online identity
I hate wearing trousers, preferring skirts & dresses and have done so since the age of two
I am a born-again Christian, and a believer in Jesus Christ
I have one sibling; a younger but taller sister named Bridget
I created the first incarnation of this website in the fall of 2000
I have lived at 22 addresses in 5 States (thank you US Navy!)
My birthday is in the first week of October
I was homeschooled from 3rd grade thru high school graduation
My favorite holiday is Christmas
I have been to Australia (twice), England (thrice) and in 29 of the United States


| Copyright = Common Sense & Common Courtesy |

I have an abhorrence of web sites that are full of red-tape or that growl & bark at you if you dare right-click anywhere. The whole point of sharing tutorials and my sewing adventures is for folks to use the info and be inspired by it!

However I have spent hours creating, writing, tweaking, scanning, cropping, uploading, typing, coding and otherwise creating my little corner of the web here. So please be respectful of my images, text and ideas by using some common courtesy and the "Golden Rule" of Blogging of giving credit where credit is due when linking, reposting or pinning.

Please note that you are NOT permitted to use any of my images on E-bay or for any other commercial use. Please do not link directly to the picture but download it first and upload to your own server. To do otherwise is called hot-linking and it is rude.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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