Arwen Trim

a beading tutorial

Arwen Trim



This trim is based on the beaded edging seen on Arwen's "Angel Dress" from Fellowship of the Ring.
We used it on the revamp of Bridget's Elvish gown.

The Elvish Gown turned out very well indeed but for me it was Bridget's beaded edging that made the dress. It's wonderfully simple but it draws all the other elements together, adds weight and drape to the fabric, and gives the whole ensemble great sparkle!

Bridget's trim was done completely by hand using silver lined seeds and bugles and clear filmo thread. We applied it directly to the garment but you could as apply it to tape or ribbon, applying that in turn to your garment.

Love the trim but don't want to be bothered to make it yourself? MJ Trims offers this trim in several colors inculding silver.

1. String nine beads onto needle and pull thread through.

2. Use "ruler" to estimate placement in order to make uniform loops

3. Thread needle from "ruler" mark to just off center in order to set up for the center bugle.

4. Make sure there is enough space for the bugle to be centered between the anchor points of the loop.

5. Pull thread taut to form loop.

6. Thread one bugle onto needle and insert needle off center, estimating length of bugle.

7. Pull thread taut, securing bugle and readying needle for step number 1. Needle should come up just off the last anchor point to allow space for the beads of the next loop.



The finished trim.


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