Bead Embroidery

a beading tutorial


Beaded Scribbles

Here is an illustration of my beading technique. It is based on one I learned in a booklet from a bead store in Colorado. It's one that has served me well over the years, being the technique I use on most of my projects. The illustration shows four beads per stitch but you can use two to six, depending on the application and what works best for you.


Bead Embroidery

There are any number of ways to transfer a design onto fabric, but a favorite method of mine for small projects is to use tissue paper. You can use the same method with tear-away interfacing as well.

1. Trace design onto tissue paper

2. Baste tissue paper onto the fabric

3. Bring needle up through the fabric

4. String four beads on needle

5. At the end of your row of beads, bring needle down through fabric

6. Bring needle up between the last two beads (or halfway through your count)

7. Thread needle through last two beads

8. Draw thread through

9. String four additional beads

Repeat steps 5-8 as needed

10. When section is completed you may run thread through section to straighten the design. This is especially helpful on curves or with irregular sized beads

11. Remove basting stitches


12. Carefully tear away tissue paper.
(For intricate designs, you may need the help of tweezers, needle-nose pliers or hemostats tp remove the paper.)


Ta-Da!! You are done!


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