Beaded Loop Fringe

a beading tutorial


Loopy Fringe

This fringe technique is one my sister and I developed. This tutorial shows strings of 36 beads (4 bugle and 32 seed) but any amount may be used, in any bead combination, in any length you desire - the variations are endless!

Fringe can be applied directly or mounted (close to the edge) of twill tape, ribbon or piping, and incorporated into the project later.

1. Bring needle up through the fabric

2. String desired beads.

3. In one stitch, bring needle in through fabric 1/8" away from first stitch, then out through fabric another 1/8" away

4. Draw thread through creating a beaded loop.

5. If desired, secure fringe every so often with a "loop knot". To do so, catch a small piece of fabric with needle

6. Pull thread until a small loop appears. Put needle through loop and tighten, creating a small knot

Repeat steps 2 -6 as desired




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