Beaded Tassels

a brading tutorial


Beaded Tassels

The tassel illustrated below was made for my Titanic Kimono. For this project I purchased two ready-made tassels, took took them apart and re-did them. In doing this I was able to not only utilize slightly different beads (to better match my project), customize the length and weight of the finished tassels, but I was able to see how they were originally put together.

I did not have any specific bead counts, all the lengths and gaps in large beads were done by eye. In the end each tassel had nine trailers, the longest of which was 4"; long. The total length of the tassels were 6". I used beading needles, millenary needles (for the finial threads through the knot) and upholstery thread. The original tassels also used upholstery thread. The thread worked well, although it was very difficult at times to pass through the eye of the thin beading needles.


1. Cut a length of thread three times the desired length. String the desired number of seed beads onto thread

2. String a larger bead on the thread

3. Continue stringing beads as desired

4. String a second larger bead and one finial seed bead on the thread

5. Skipping the last bead, run your needle back through the entire string

(running needle up string)

6. With the last bead between your fingers, draw thread through until taunt

Repeat steps 1-6 as desired

7. Line up all trailers. Knot the trailers together, making sure the knot is as close to the trailer tops as possible

8. Trim thread ends

9. With a candle or lighter, melt* the ends together to seal the knot

* Make sure to use upholstery or nylon thread (not cotton) for this project. You want something that will melt, not burn away.

10. Thread a needle with another length of thread. Knot the end and run through the tassel knot, making sure the new thread length is secure

11. String an extra large bead on thread

12. Push bead down so that it covers the knot and top of trailers

13. Add a final large bead and attach to your desired project. Ta-Da!!

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