Bridget's Titianic Blues

Jump Dress beginings



October 2002

In 1999, my sister, Bridget, decided to make a reproduction of Titanic's Jump Dress, perfect in every detail. After finding some luscious midnight blue bridal satin on clearance she decided to make the gown blue instead of red. The purse was a "practice run". She wanted to practice her beading skills and iron out the kinks in her design before starting on the actual bodice


The purse was completed in 2000, taking about a week to bead. She did nothing but watch Pride & Prejudice (1996) (she watched it something like 5 times!) and bead. What a life!

She began beading the medallions (for the skirt bottom) but life got away from her soon afterwards and she hasn't really worked on the project since. The supplies and fabric for her Jump Dress are still sitting in a box somewhere. At least we have the purse to look at and admire...




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