Elvish Wedding Diadem & Swag

a beaded wedding gift


Elvish Wedding Diadem & Swag


My sister, Bridget and I made this diadem & swag as a wedding gift for a very dear friend.
Our inspiration came from a swag worn by Arwen in The Fellowship of the Ring and by a lovely piece I found online.


wedding projects

The designing and construction phase was a bit complicated as I live in Virginia and Bridget lives in California.
So I interfaced with the bride, shopped for supplies, and consulted with Bridget over the phone and internet.



Once we had a rough plan of what we wanted and I'd bought a variety of supplies & beads for Bridget to play with,
I mailed everything (including tools) to the other coast. Bridget began laying out the design and we again
worked over the phone and internet to hone the design.

Luckily about the time the layout for the swag was in good shape, Bridget came home on a surprise birthday visit!
It worked out beautifully for this project - the process was so much easier in person!





Once it was all laid out it took Bridget an afternoon to construct the swag.
The diadem took slightly longer, mostly because she kept tweaking and fiddling with it.
I finished off the ends of the swag and it was done!


the finished piece


We added depth and dimension by using multiple sizes of beads and crystals in both pices.
The diadem contained iridescent & silver lined seed beads, silver lined rectangle bugle beads,
Swarovski crystals in clear & silk, moonstone chips, and vintage Austrian crystals.




The swag consisted of iridescent & silver lined seed beads,
silver lined rectangle bugle beads, Swarovski crystals in clear & silk, and vintage Austrian crystals.


We thought separate pieces would be more versatile for future use and easy storage
so the ends of the swag were finished with sterling silver closed jump rings
which then hooked into hidden (size 0) hooks in the diadem.


made with love


This gift had some very personal touches added here and there. All of the large vintage Austrian crystals were from our collection, some were from family heirloom jewelry. Moonstone is a signature stone of the bride and the chips come from her collection.

The final touch was the inclusion of three etched silver beads: Faith, Hope, & Love. They were arranged so that they were not visible when it was worn but the bride would know they were there.


Jesus, be the Center


The etched beads were a good reminder as we worked on the project of what the wedding day would ultimately be about, a celebration of God's provision, His faithfulness, His love and the beginning of a lifelong journey together.


And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
I Corinthians 13:13, NKJV


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