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unfinished c1911 beaded evening gown


unfinished c1911 beaded evening gown

drafted by me, based on
my Erte gown & Butterick 4092

damask of unknown fibers,
cotton twill (vest interlining), cotton (dress & vest lining), glass beads
(#8 seed beads, 3mm & 4mm fire polished Czech), sequined trim

The insanity of an ambitious
beading project.

Permanently on hold.




The Dress Diary:

March 2010

One of my new year's resolutions this year was to not to make a highly elaborate frock for the Costume College Gala out of a feeling of perceived obligation or peer pressure. So I gave myself permission to wear a "this old thing" unless I came up with a design I was completely mad about creating and wearing. So in the meantime I came up with lots of clever and lovely ideas but none of them really rocked my world and made me squeal with delight and anticipation ... until last weekend.


It was the combination of two things really:
1. The gift of a breath-taking peacock textile from Loren and
2. Getting to not only see but also try on Victoria's infamous Jump Dress for Less vest.


The minute I felt the weight of the fully beaded vest on my shoulders I was in love - I knew I had to have one of my own! Then I thought instead of making a faithful recreation of the Jump Dress it would be much more fun to make not a peacock-themed version, using Loren's amazing peacock fabric. *laaa* and the idea just clicked.


After going through my files and Google searches I found a few extant garments that were similar in design to the Jump Dress, with varying combinations of beaded "vests" and bodices. I was particularly drawn to the pale peach creation above though, with it's simple skirt, train and longer sleeves. So my Peacock will be a combination of the two gowns, the beaded vest of the Jump with the underdress and skirt of the peach.

I knew I didn't want to go with the floral motif on the Jump vest and coming up with my own design was a challenge. I didn't want it to be too literal or too complicated and I only wanted to use two colors of beads. Nothing like making it hard on myself! Luckily I had some awesome friends over on Sunday for a crafty day and with their help we came up with a paisley sort of design that resembled a very stylized peacock feather. Thanks Victoria and Ellie!


I am so excited about this project! It's a completely mad thing to do – a fully beaded bodice in 5 months – but like I said before what is the point of costuming if you don't lose your mind and make something insane every so often? Besides I haven't done a beading project in a while ... it's time.

Invaluable resources so far:

March 15 2010

After dropping into the local bead store to check out sizes and colors in person today, I ordered beads for my Gala dress from Shipwreak. It's cheating I know but I couldn't afford my supplies from the local bead shop ... not that they have the volume I need anyway.

Oh my Gala dress is going to be so fabulous! The perfect design finally clicked this weekend. I will tell more when I've scanned in all my sketches and such but it's definitely going to be good!

If it doesn't kill me off.

Or put me in a padded cell.

But really what is the point of costuming if you don't lose your mind and make something insane every so often? :P

March 17 2010

I want to play with my gala beads. NOW. Me, impatient? What ever gave you that idea?

March 19 2010

My beads just came! *happy dance* Dude I'm totally going to need to order more though, this is in NO way going to to be enough. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be the recurring mantra of this project? I'm off to go play with my goodies - play, then pics, then scoop I promise!

March 21 2010

Playing with my beads has been fun and enlightening. Of course I've changed my mind about just about everything, making my order practically useless for this project. Oh well. You never really know until you test and you can't test without beads. I could probably send some of it back but with shipping costs and having to open things to play I think might as well keep everything. I'll use them for something ... someday.


Test #1 - lessons learned: Not sure I like the #6 green beads after all. I liked the idea of larger beads (less time and more vintage looking) but not sure about it once I saw it. I decided to do a second test with smaller beads from the stash.

Next issue - I don't like the blue silk taffeta for this project. I thought I would right up until the minute I finished the test and pinned it up on the damask. Nope hate it. It's very peacock-y with the green beads and if I was starting from scratch I would go for it but I don't like it with the damask. It looks rather disconnected and costume-y. I'm going for "clothing" not "costume" with this. *sigh*

So I panic. Then I run to the stash to see if there is anything else I can use. I have a few possibilities but nothing I'm jumping up and down about. Then it occurs to me that I could use the back side of the damask. I may have to leave off the spilt underskirt idea (because of fabric constraints) but it's a small sacrifice.


Test # 2 - Love the gold back side of the damask with the gold Czech beads. Much more cohesive and balanced I think. A completely different look but a very elegant and not so in your face peacock, which appeals. I want a peacock dress but I want it to be different too.

Yeah I do like the smaller #9 beads. Mom and even Dad agree. Darn it. They took so-o-o-o-o much longer to do. But they are so-o-o-o-o pretty. Perhaps I will compromise and get the size in between my two tests, #8. *ponders*

Time for another bead order I guess.

March 21 2010

I'm not obsessed with this project at all ...

I think I'm going to have to keep a log of how many hours this beaded bodice takes to bead. It will be the first question people ask so I ought to be prepared, right?

I need to do some toileing first though. Blah. Good news is when I tried on my Erte gown this week I found it fit again (thank you Weight Watchers!) so I can use that as a starting point in the pattern making.

April 2 2010

So I'm frustrated with the Peacock gown. With my sewing life in general too but that is another post. I've got lots of irons in the fire at the moment with the result that despite really wanting to work on it I can't seem to get to the toileing for the P. So.Stinking.Frustrating. *sigh*

My current commissions have meant a fair amount of handwork in the last three days. My wrists starting acting up today. They haven't given me issues in months! So I'm starting to wonder if the P is even a viable possibility. I don't have much time to take time off beading for wrist flare ups if I'm to get it done in time.

It's so not fair.

I'm trying not to wallow in the frustration but it's such a bummer that something I'm so jazzed about is turning out to be such a frustrating experience - I haven't even started it really!

I'm going to stubbornly carry on for now. If the wrists really don't want to play nice I'll just have to postpone the deadline until CosCol 2011. It breaks my heart to even think about it - I am SO excited at the thought of wearing it in August - but I have to face the reality it might simply be beyond my physical ability this year. I do have a plan B for the Gala ... crossing fingers I won't have to use it though. *mreh*

April 17 2010


So yes, I am still alive. Just in lurker mode online. Not to say I haven't been working on stuff. I decided not matter how tight a commission deadline I needed to work on my things too and not feel guilty about it. Otherwise I'll go mad! So I worked on the Peacock dress last week. One day and the ugliest toile ever later there wasn't much progress made honestly but I did work on it!

After trying on the Erte Dress and seeing it fit so well I thought I could use that pattern as a base. So I made up a full toile, out of a hideous fabric in Mom's stash. That is when all the flaws and mistakes in the frock became obvious. It was a rush job, I think I started it a week or two before CosCol on year, most of the issues and dirty little secrets being covered by the tunic of the original dress. After messing with the toile for a little while I decided that I would ditch the Erte Dress skirt and go with Butterick 4092 instead.

That's as far as I've gotten. I haven't used the Butterick pattern, although it's been on my list forever, so I need to mock that up and see what it's like.

April 18 2010

The Peacock toileing today went much better, mostly thanks to my fabulous Mom who skillfully pinned and darted where I couldn't reach.

I made the toile in two parts - first the top which I based off of the Erte dress (which was in turn based on the S&S 1911 Kimono Dress). I tried on the Erte, marked it with pins approximately where the new waistline and neckline should be and transferred those markings to the pattern piece before I cut out the toile.

The second half of the toile was the skirt which I based on Butterick 4092. I added a couple of inches to the bottom length and 4 inches to the top.


I tried them on separately starting with the skirt. I figured out where it was supposed to sit then Mom and I pinned and fussed with the darts and seams until it was nicely fitted. Then I tried on the top and we did the same, eventually pinned the two pieces together.

The top is actually the under bodice, it will be sewn out of silk organza (for stability) and machine net (for softness) and will peek out from under the beaded vest. Now that the underbodice is in good shape I'll be drafting the vest pattern so I can work on the bead count so I can order beads so I can start beading. It's all about the beads you know!

Now that the skirt is in good shape I need to measure out the yardage and see if I have enough fabric for an over skirt and train ... we'll see.

April 19 2010


YEEEESSSSS!!!!! My Peacock dress decided to play nice and the toileing is all done! Can you believe it... I can't. No sleeve drama, less than 75 toiles, barely any drama. It's a miracle I tell you! See this frock was meant to be.

The underdress was pretty much just sewing up all the pins and markings from the fitting last night. Somehow I ended up with some fullness in the center front of the bodice but since it's not going to show anyway I just gathered it and eased it in. I kinda like it ... I may even add some gathering on the top to the net overlay.


The beaded bodice was based on the underdress bodice and went together without any fuss. I love working with sleeveless garments! Now to work on the finial beading design so I can order me some beads! *happy happy dance*

April 20 2010

I cut out the Peacock skirt last night and I have TONS of damask left. *sigh* I always do this - freak that I won't have enough fabric, pick a design that has a very efficient use of fabric and then have tons of yardage left over I have no idea what to do with. Maybe I will have do an overskirt and a train of doom after all. *ponders*

I also worked on the beading pattern. I like it, although I have to admit I did it in pencil so I can change my mind in a few days. At the very least it is good enough to estimate bead needs. So I placed an order this afternoon, minus the silver Czech which they are out of stock on *moo*. Then I got an email back that they don't have all the gold Czech beads I ordered in stock. They are going to send all they have but I guess I won't know just how many that is until they arrive. Very annoying.

I've looked around some other places online but Shipwreck is almost half the cost on the Czech beads! So I'll wait a bit and see if they have them back in stock in time. *crossing fingers* I can't think of anything more frustrating than not being able to finish my frock in time for CosCol because the beads I wanted were out of stock!

April 27 2010

My beads for the peacock arrived yesterday. Well all they had to send me anyway. *grinds teeth* So I'm going to get started and hope by the time I can't move forward without more beads they will have them back in stock. They have the silver ones now so I'm feeling hopeful about the rest.

May 2 2010

Having finished off a commission this week I decided to reward myself with a weekend of working on ME projects, namely getting started on the Peacock beading.

I started by finalizing my design. Since the gold and silver beads are proving either difficult or expensive to find I rearranged my design to have fewer of the feather motifs and made more of them smaller (I used three slightly different sizes to look more interesting). It's still going to require a lot of beads of course!


I then cut out the back pieces, figuring I should not start in the front, since that is what I will see the most when I'm wearing it. Hee. I used my master pattern to cut the panels then marked the seam allowance and trimmed it off. The way I would know exactly how far the beading should go.


I then marked the shape of the pattern onto a nice cotton (actually an old sheet).


I then cut a large enough piece to generously fit into my hoopbefore pinning and basting (first with basting stitches and then zig-zag along the edge) the damask on.


I then traced out the design pattern to tissue paper and pin-basted it to the panel. Finally I was ready to bead! I started with the gold, followed by the silver.


I had almost enough silver to finish the panel - so close! Well you still get the affect. Once the gold and silver was finished I ripped off the tissue paper, with the help of my trusty tweezers.


I then began the more time consuming and monotonous task of filling in the green. My pace has since slowed to a crawl but it is looking lovely! I'm using a method I learned from Grisel at MedievalBeads.com. It's very sturdy and makes the beads lay wonderfully flat and even. I'd forgotten how time consuming it is though. Oh well!


Here is the back panel as of this morning... Now I'm off to go work on it some more. This beading thing is so ADDICTING! Good thing as I have 8 panels about this size to work between now and CosCol. :P

May 5 2010

So time continues to refuse to stand still for me. So rude. Since time won't play nice I've been trying to be diligent about working on my beading a little every day. It's the tortoise that will win this race! So I've got about half of the green beads done on my panel. I'm a little discouraged about how slow it's going but really I shouldn't be. I'm still figuring out what I'm doing and haven't found my rhythm yet. Once I get into my groove progress will speed up ... it's the same story with all my projects.

May 8 2010


Thanks in large part to headaches that left me worthless for other things, feeling generally blah, and trouble getting to sleep (what is up with that!) all week, I've already had a nicely productive week with the Peacock.

I finished the first panel - yay! I'm pretty pleased with it. I can't help think it needs more gold sparkle (so much green!) but after counting up the beads used on this one panel frankly I can't afford it. *sigh* SO insane the numbers of beads this thing eats! I got started on the next panel as well ... almost have enough of the gold beads to finish it. Mreh.

June 24 2010

I've come to a momentous decision ... I've decided to pause work on the Peacock Dress.

Despite the fact that I could get it done in time for CosCol, I've decided I really don't want to. While I'm a bit bummed not to be weighted done with beads in August, I don't want to rush through the process. I want to enjoy it! It's the difference between gobbling up a favorite dessert and stopping to savor every bite. I'm just not in the mood to gobble this project - I'm having too much fun with it. So I can wait to wear it.

I might try and finish it for the ballroom studio's Halloween party (it would be super fun in all the low lighting - of course no swing dancing in the hobble skirt but I could probably foxtrot just fine in it!). Otherwise the deadline will be CosCon 2012. And of course there is my Titanic dinner in 2012. Hee.

August 15 2010

The church picnic & baptism got rained out today so I've had a lovely restful Sunday at home. Mostly I've been working on my Peacock gown and sipping Bellinis made with fresh peach purée from local peaches. Yum!

Feels good to be working on the Peacock again, I've missed the joy of beading it since I set the project aside in the cause of my CosCol wardrobe. I'll have to break down and buy some more beads soon though ... once I recover a bit from what Sara calls "the financial trauma of Costume College" of course.

Oct 6 2010

You know I'd have a lot more done on this beaded top if I didn't keep taking out and redoing sections that are slightly "off" or not quite right. *shakes head* Stop it Jenny.

Oct 9 2010

In other news the big order of Peacock beads (birthday money rocks!) arrived on Saturday. The gold Czech beads aren't quite as gold as the ones I got before, this batch is more of an antiqued gold. They still go with the fabrics and everything so it's okay. I may need to redo the gold beads on the back panels though, so everything is more uniform, but we'll see.

Oct 15 2010

We are back from what we are calling our “break”. We decided it wasn't really a vacation since we didn't go that far (about 3 hours away) and we didn't do anything touristy, besides walk on the beach when it was cold and thanks to Dad's hotel points, spent hardly any money. It really was just A break (TM), a few days away to relax, decompress from our crazy lives and recharge our batteries a bit. *sigh*

We did huge amounts of nothing, ignored our phones (unless it was bridget calling), pretended we didn't have email (despite the free wi-fi. Hee.) played games, walked on the beach & boardwalk and not much else. I spent most of my time beading the Peacock while listening to a Harry Potter audio book completely guilt free. Heaven!

I did have to redo all the gold Czech beads I'd done up to now though. The color difference was too stark. Once I mixed the two golds together it was fine - the color difference is slight enough that it looks like a trick of the light.

Nov 23 2010

In other costuming news I've been working on my Peacock beading more diligently. It's a handy little project to take places and work on for 10-30 minutes here and there. So I finished a second back panel and have started work on a front panel.


So 2 panels down, 6 to go. Well not really. I'm not really happy with panel #1, I'm going to take it apart and re-do it. The beads aren't as uniform and evenly spaced as they are on the second panel I did. I also need to re-do the gold beads (that whole not-matching bead issue) and frankly it's easier to start from scratch than to re-do those. I know I'm crazy but really if I'm going to put so many hours into something it's worth doing right. I don't mind it really, I was still trying to figure out things on that first panel so it was time well spent. I'm going to call I my practice run and move on.


I'm going to wait to take it apart though until I've done the front panels, I want to see what the bodice will look like and I don't mind cheating a little bit. Hee.

January 1 2011

I've spent the last few hours working on the Peacock beading. It's a dangerous thing to bead when one's brain isn't working properly thanks to a headache but I seem to have done okay. At least I didn't feel the need to rip out half of what I'd done like the last few times I've worked on it. *sigh*

To be honest I'm starting to panic a bit about the Peacock. I assumed that it would be other handwork projects and that I would get faster and more time efficient as I went along. But this project is not like that, every time I start to speed up the result is crap. So slow and methodical is the way I have to work.

I've given up on a CosCon deadline and am panicking over the CosCol deadline. With the dress construction and finishing work August is going to be a big task. It's a bit depressing but I'm feeling stubborn about finishing it this year. I may have to give up some of my other costuming plans though, that is the depressing part.

January 24 2011

My weekend was quiet, nursing Mom and taking on "homemaker in residence" duties for the foreseeable future. Dad was a great help of course, we do make a good team.

In between all that (and the couple of migraines that popped up) I beaded the Peacock. I'm really determined to make progress on this project and not be scrambling at the last minute. embellishment of this nature is no fun under stress. So I channeled all my post-costume-buddy-time-inspiration into the Peacock. Nothing like 3 days with costuming buddies to make you want to costume! Watching Downton Abbey helped too of course. :P

I finished the second Peacock panel late last night - yay! So two down, 4 to go. I forgot to log hours on this panel but a rough estimate would be about 35-40 hours. Based on that I'm estimating the whole bodice will be in the neighborhood of 300-350 man-hours of pure bodice beading. Plus construction and gown embellishment. I am insane.


So my goal is to get at least one more Peacock panel done before the Williamsburg Costume Symposium, hopefully more. It will make for rather boring LJ entries I'm afraid. I'll see if I can't make "I beaded today" somewhat more interesting ...

January 31 2011

Still sick. Yesterday I had enough energy to do some beading so I started on the next Peacock panel. That felt good. I'm keeping a log this time so I worked for 2 hours 45 minutes to get this far. Not too bad. Progress will be slower now though. The gold and silver beads go much faster than the green. I tend to have to rip them out less too which is a factor. :P
total time beading: 2.75 hours


February 1 2011

Since I have nothing to do but cough, wipe my nose and bead ...
total time beading: 8.75 hours


February 2 2011

total time beading: 13 hours


February 3 2011

total time beading: 19 hours


February 8 2011

total time beading: 22 hours

I slowed down on my beading since my last update, at first because I was thinking I was getting over the ick and got back to real life things and then because I was recovering from overdoing. So apparently I haven't had a little cold but the major flu and that's right I'm still sick. Better but still tired and coughing and getting better super slowly. I'm going to try to take it easy for the next few days so I can hopefully resemble something like my old self over the weekend. Which of course means lots more beading updates in your future.

I crunched some numbers last night and to finish the bodice beading before CosCon (my goal) I have to bead about 2 hours a day or 13 hours a week - minimum - between now and then. Ouch! It's do-able but no slacking or I'm screwed. If I can dedicate a couple of weekends to the cause and get ahead of that minimum then even better but I'm really going to have to knuckle down, cut out most of my TV veg time, sleep less and really focus to make the minimums.

It will be worth it though if I can get it done before CosCon and then come home from that and start straight on the garment construction. I need some time for all the accessories, handwork and additional embellishment I'm planning for the garment and I really want my CosCol wardrobe done a full week before I board that plane. That is the goal anyway. It was SO nice to be done over 24 hours ahead of time last year. I want the same feeling of having nothing to do but iron and party at CosCol again. I can do it!



February 9 2011

total time beading: 26 hours

Done! So now I have two fronts and a back. I'm not quite ready for bed so I'm going to go cut out the next panel so I can carry on beading tomorrow ...


February 10 2011

total time beading: 2 hours

A new panel so the clock starts again. *justkeepbeadingjustkeepbeading* This is the second time I have done this panel. I didn't hit my stride (with the bead spacing and uniformity) until after I finished the original panel. It wasn't nearly as nice as the ones I did after, so I took it apart and here I am starting over. Oh well, it was a good learning experience.

Megan was asking about what is left to do so I thought I would just show y'all.
So two fronts, two backs, two front shoulder straps, two back shoulder straps. Lots of madness.


February 11 2011

total time beading: 8 hours


February 12 2011

total time beading: 13.75 hours

February 13 2011

total time beading: 16.25 hours

I'm ripping out and re-doing a lot on this panel. Not sure what the deal is but it I'm having a harder time keeping the beads in line. Maybe because there is less "ground" than on the front panels. Anyway, not having as much fun on this one ... *sigh*


February 14 2011

total time beading: 21.75 hours
I look so close to finishing but really I'm not. *sigh*


February 16 2011

total time beading: 27 hours
Yay! It fought until the end but I conquered this panel. On to the shoulders ...

project total: approximately 150 hours
I'm over halfway done now – whew! I didn't log hours on my first couple of panels so I made an educated guess based on the logged panels. I included the panel that I beaded and took apart in the total because even though it wasn't up scratch you see the result of those hours of work in the rest. So I say it counts.


February 21 2011

total time beading: 9 hours
It's really weird working on a "portrait" oriented panel rather than a "landscape".


March 5 2011

total time beading: 20 hours
Yay! I'd have had this done a lot sooner if real life, silly mistakes and my bad wrists hadn't gotten in the way. Meanies.

project total: approximately 170 hours


March 6 2011

total time beading: 5.75 hours
I love spending a Sunday beading.


March 8 2011

total time beading: 14.25
I felt crappy yesterday. I felt better when I was quiet/still so beading was the perfect past time.
So the day wasn't a complete waste, which was nice. *This* close to being done!


March 9 2011

total time beading: 17 hours
Yay! On to the back shoulders!

project total: approximately 187 hours


March 19 2011

total time beading: 10 hours
I've been remiss about posting progress pics on this panel - oops! :P


March 20 2011

total time beading: 13 hours


March 22 2011

total time beading: 24 hours

Didn't get around to posting this yesterday - too busy beading! Woot!


March 22 2011

total time beading: 5.25 hours


March 23 2011

total time beading: 10.25 hours


March 24 2011

total time beading: 13.5 hours


March 30 2011

On the sewing front I haven't done a blessed thing with my CosCon wardrobe *rolls eyes*, am 3/4 of the way done with the hand sewn eyelets on my Titanic Corset (got one done while saving seats at Career Conference (yes I got some funny looks but it was a fun conversation starter) and have beaded a bit more on the Peacock.

Sadly no more beading for a while - I've run out of beads! I was *so* close too, I really thought I was going to get away with not having to buy any more seed beads! But no such luck so I ordered the needed beads this morning. They should be here by next week. I still have plenty of time to make my self-imposed May 1st deadline. A break is probably a good thing anyway, frankly I'm starting to feel a little crispy around the edges on the whole beading thing.

I decided I should work on putting the beaded bodice together, by way of inspiration when the beads do arrive, only to discover my iron was DOA, no hope of life support. *grr* Beastly little thing. It did it on purpose I know it! Luckily Mom has a spare I can use until I can get a replacement. I love my Mom.

May 18 2011

Costuming is not my happy place right now. Normally it's my escape from all the negatives in my life but right now it's just another area of negativity I need to escape from. Not only do I have a bunch of almost finished projects, which drives me crazy at the best of times, but several of them I really want to burn or feel like I'm going to have a nervous break down over.

The worst offender?

The Peacock Dress. I hate it. Despite my long break from it the thought of having to bead any more makes me feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Then the guilt of having done all this work and feeling this way makes me want to crawl into a dark corner and cry.

To make things worse I just tried on the lining over my newly finished corset (which the beaded panels are too small to fit on by the way) and it's a solid ¾" too small and the back of the shoulder fits funky all of a sudden. G-r-e-a-t.

I really don't know what to do at this point. I can:

1. Not change anything and try to lose 20 pounds before August. Huh no pressure there.

2. Start from scratch on the fitting - cut out a new toile and see what changes actually need to be made. Then potentially redo or modify at least 2 panels, possibly 4. (in addition to finishing the finial panel and fixing the too small for the lining issue). So heaps more work before this is in wearable condition. *cue tears*

3. Change the design of the whole dress, figuring out a way to use the beaded panels in some way but changing the style of the dress to get away from the corset I don't want to wear. I have no ideas for this.

4. Pack the whole project away for now and pretend that I will finish it someday in the future.

Part of me feels a huge amount of obligation to finish what I've started, for my own self-esteem and for the many people that have been so supportive along the way. The other part of me is resentful that I feel such pressure to work on something I don't want to work on or even wear right now. I thought this hobby was supposed to be fun. The rest of me feels so stupid and pathetic for getting myself into this situation first by starting the bloody project and then by not being able to control my eating habits enough that I now have a fitting problem. *sigh*

I'm both relieved and disappointed at the thought of letting the Peacock go for another year. My head is in so many places about this. I have some commissions and event-driven projects I have to work on in the next 2 weeks so I have some time to ponder but I need to make a final decision soon, if only for my own mental health.

July 25 2011

The Peacock is still in the naughty corner but I'm okay with it. deciding to wear a "this old thing" to the Gala (going with the Queen of the Night) lifted such a weight off my shoulders. Besides I'm having such fun accessorizing the QoTN I don't even care about not wearing the Peacock this year.

I'll ponder the peacock's fate again after Costume College ...

January 3 2012

So I've been waffling back and forth the last 6 months about what to do with the Peacock (start over from scratch, carry on and fix all the problems (about the same amount of work), salvage the pieces for another project, burn it).

My conclusions?

My heart is not in the Peacock anymore and I'm ready to let it go. I still want a "Peacock" themed costume someday and while it may have some of the supplies or ideas from this one it will be a vastly different project next time around

It's okay. I learned a lot from this project and I thoroughly enjoyed all the hours of beading, it was my happy place for a very long time. A huge lesson I've learned here is that sometimes the dress doesn't need to be finished to be a success.



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