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Fabulousity Club Franšaise Dinner

March 2013

This year's Franšaise Dinner was wonderful - Robin and Judy did a great job organizing it! My only real complaint is that the time flew by too quickly - I didn't want it to end! I had a lovely time and really enjoyed the various conversations and laughter I joined in. Even so there were so many people I didn't get a chance to talk to. Next time! I was horribly nervous when I sang my little song, so it wasn't my best effort at all. Oh well, hopefully it was entertaining. I didn't chicken out like I seriously thought about doing though so I do feel good about that.

I didn't take many photos, partly due to not being in the mood at first and then lack of maneuverability in my frock. Damn train! Also as we are wont to do in costuming there was much standing in circles - something I never noticed until my frustrated photographer at the Epic Titanic Dinner pointed it out to me. The practise is good for conversation sucky for photo taking!. So end my feeble excuses, on to the photos:

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    {photos courtesy of Gloria & Kat}



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