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Kat's Pride & Predjudice Tea

May 2013

{photo courtesy of Kat}


I had an uber FABULOUS time partying with my Fabulousity Club peeps this weekend. Kat hosted a lovely tea on her lawn, with shopping provided by The Bohemian Belle & Dames a la Mode, much silliness and an endless supply of champagne!

The next day Robin hosted my Mary Kay "Cosmetics for 18th Century Costuming" party (lovingly now referred to as "Whore Make-up") at which we all rouge-ed up, drank more tea and wore tiaras. *sigh* It was such fun - I didn't want to come home!


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    {photo courtesy of Julia}        {photo courtesy of Kat}

    {photo courtesy of Kat}        {photo courtesy of Kat}



    I only took one stealth video but it captures the "after-party"...


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