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c1810 turban

a regency evening turban

draped by me, based on what I learned at a class by Lynn McMaster

Hat Base:
single buckram, millinery wire

faux sari fabric, nylon netting, peacock feather, gold button

Completed October 2008



The Results:

October 2008
At an RCHS ball.


October 2008
The finished turban.



This turban was made for a dear friend, as a way to practice some of the techniques I learned at Lynn McMasters' Regency Turban class at Costume College 2008. The main thing I learned in the class is that there are about 2,450,847 ways to make, style and decorate a Regency turban. Turbans were worn from the 1780s through the 1830s and many styles, shapes and sizes were popular in those transitional years. It's really an excuse to let your imagination run wild and have some fun experimenting.

Tina and I found this lovely reversible fabric that complimented her frock and decided on a shape and style of turban. I used a strip of wired buckram as my base, covering that with the "sari" border of the fabric. I then cut a cap base, lined it with 3-4 layers of netting and attached that to the base. The rest of my fabric was sewn into tubes (one the front side of the fabric and one the reverse side), draped onto the base and stitched in place. I added feathers and a button as a finishing touch.

This was a really fun project and we were both delighted with the result!


Construction Photos:









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