{JennylaFleur: Costume Synopsis}

18th century striped petticoat


draped by me

cotton, cotton twill tape

Completed 2006.



The Results:

April & July 2007
Wearing the petticoat at various events .


March 2006
The finished petticoat.



I must admit I think this was quite a cunning little plan. Inspired by this lovely ensemble from tailordrews's recent soirée weekend, I'm took my robe à l'Anglaise apart to make a petticoat.

I'd been in a quandary about what to do with my red stripe for some time. It had two issues, the first is that it was too big - partly from mis-fitting and partly my losing weight. The second, and perhaps more important issue, is that the fabric itself was beginning to break down. It was a cheap, old cotton when I finally got around to using it and it literally began to dry-rot as I was wearing it. I had thought about taking it apart and refitting it (as I loved the gown) but I honestly don't think it would survive the process.

I will get much more wear out of it this way and it should last longer too (less tension and wear spots on a petticoat). I probably wouldn't have thought of it but for that picture in Bjarne's album. When I saw it I fell in love. I adore the bold stripe as a petticoat - it's so different. The young lady wears the petticoat with another outfit that I think is charming as well.

If there is one thing I'm used to, it's budget costuming. I had to use peice what ws the back of the gown a bit, where I had cut it down for the dress but that was the only tricky part. I didn't even have to re-hem it!


construction pics:




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